Control your home with your smart device

Compatible for Smart Home add-ons using Z-Wave Plus™
  • Self-monitor Alarm
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Simple to use App
  • D.I.Y - Install yourself
  • Add-on other Smart Home devices

Smart Home Technology

“Set up a few simple rules and
have a automated Smart Home”

“ With the Securely for Living platform I can access both my home and my work via the same App. The intelligent system made it possible for me to set up a few simple rules which means I don’t even have to worry about setting the alarm. It’s like having my own personal minder that thinks just likes me!“

– Chris B

Securely for living APP

A easy-to-use starter package solution to manage your home alarm remotely. Create a Smart Home: , LED Multi-colour Light Bulbs, Garage Doors, Heat Pump Control, Door Locks & Lights, and more!
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Add on Smoke Detectors, Extra Sensors, Tag Readers, Motion Detectors, Window/Door Sensors, Flood Detector, Indoor and Outdoor IP HD Cameras.
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Enables the Securely for Living Hub to control and communicate with Z-Wave devices, such as Door Locks, Heat Pump Controls, Light Dimmers, and more.
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Smart Home Alarm
- Securely for Living

Control your home with your smart device

Create a Smart Home, LED Multi-colour Light Bulbs, Garage Doors, Heat Pump Control, Door Locks & Lights, and more!

Starting from

Per package

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  • Notifications of security events and remote manage your home in real time.

    Be alerted to all security events and have peace-of-mind that your home is secure.

    Smart rule engine for automation.

    You decide which device, condition, or event will trigger an action and at what time, totally customisable to your lifestyle.

    Add indoor and outdoor IP cameras for live video anytime on any screen.

    View your home, kids, pets, visitors, and tradespeople for monitoring purposes.

  • Modular and expandable - connect home devices with Z-Wave® expansion.

    With over 1200 currently approved devices add a smart rule/device to your Smart Home system with the Z-Wave® expansion.

    Optional professional monitoring by Securely.

    It's a great idea to have a backup team when it comes to security and any activation Securely will respond for you.

Smart Home Alarm

SECURELY for Living App*
The app has a simple and clear interface and is easy to use. Add-on new devices and monitor your home. *Phone not included and subscription fee applies More about the App
The hub is the brains of the system. It manages all smart home devices linked to your system and sends notificationsto you via the App. Product info Smart Hub
Detects movement using Passive Infrared (PIR). Product info Motion Detector
A high-decibel siren upon trigger, with different sounds according to the type of alert. Can also double as a door bell. Product info Indoor Siren
Control of the alarm with 4 button commands, Arm Away/Day Arm/Night Arm/Disarm. Plus the remote also has a personal panic button.


  • Smart hub
  • SECURELY for Living App
  • Wireless PIR motion detector
  • Indoor siren
  • Remote control

And choose one of the below monitoring options

Securely Professional Monitoring

Securely for Living Professional Premium Service

Minutes are vital dealing with fire or burglaries, they can be the difference when deterring burglars and saving precious valuables. It’s always better to have a backup plan and our team is specialised in emergency protocols.

Platform Access Subscription

Securely for Living Connected Living Cloud Solution

Get notifications and receive alerts; set and unset your alarm; turn electronic devices on or off; open your front door; and much more from your smart device.

$25 per month

Intuitive App


Simple to use

This App will transform how you view security.

It allows you to fully control your home with automated customisable Smart Rules.
You can easily create scenarios that trigger multiple actions at a single touch, such as setting the garden to be watered at a certain time in the morning.
A fully integrated Connected Home experience can be achieved by setting automatic event driven actions.


Alarm Add-ons & Product info Sheets

Customise to suit your life

Smoke detector | $140.00

Smoke alarm works independently even if the system is down and has three colour LED lights for visual status.

Product info Smoke Detector
Universal Transmitter | $105.00

This transmitter enables incorporation of third-party legacy-wired peripherals into Securely for living.

Universal Transmitter
Tag reader | $215.00 Each RFID tag $18.00

Integrated access control that uses tags to allow easy access for users along with the remote and phone App.

Product info Tag Reader
Flood Detector | $105.00

Provides early warning of water leakage in house that helps prevent disasters.

Product info Flood Detector
Motion Detector | $125.00
Optional Pet Immune Lens | $5.75

Add another sensor to your pack.

Product info Motion Detector
Camera Detector | $280.00

Full colour on-demand video or motion-triggered security video. Super-bright white LED flash for intruder deterrence in total darkness.

Product info RCamera Detector
Outdoor Bullet Camera | $295.00

Wireless Outdoor 2MP HD Bullet Camera

Product info Outdoor Camera
Internal Pan/Tilt Camera | $280.00

Wireless Indoor 2MP HD Pan and Tilt camera with audio capability

Product info Indoor Camera
Door/Window Sensor | $105.00

Be alerted when doors or windows are opened or closed.

Product info Door Window Sensor
Remote Control | $105.00

Add another remote to your pack.

Product info Remote Control
Z-Wave Extender | $105.00

Indoor 1 MP HD cube network camera with audio capability.

Product info Z-wave

Add on other Smart Home branded devices


Z-Wave Plus use App

By adding on the Z-Wave Plus Expander you can implement other Smart Home devices from a range of vendors for remote management.
The Z-Wave Plus Extender incorporates third-party ZWave devices into Securely for living, integrating home automation and control functions with the core Securely for living system.

LED multi-colour light bulbs
Heat pump controls
Light switches
Unlock/lock doors
Vacuum cleaners
Audio systems and power strips
Smoke detector
Voice control with Google Home
Garage door opener
Glass break detector
Smart cooking appliances
Outdoor sprinkler systems